Cash in Transit

For over 21 years, APS has specialised in providing a comprehensive cash collection and change provision service across Australia which does not attract unwanted attention. Being one of the most experienced Cash in Transit companies in Australia, APS offers a high level of excellence in Cash Security Services starting from Security Risk Assessment with the client to the cash collection and cash deposit in the bank, cash collection and cash counting, cash and valuables staff escorts, and movement of valuables.

Benefits of APS conducting your cash in transit include:

  • An economically viable alternative to employees conducting the banking;
  • Convenience and Peace of Mind;
  • Reduced employee downtime in non- productive bank visits;
  • Improved security of cash; and
  • Eliminate the risk to employees of being assaulted or robbed.

Assigning such an important and potentially dangerous task to employees is no longer an acceptable practice and carries common law, OHS&W and workers compensation risks.

With the trend of litigation on the rise and with increases in WorkCover prosecutions and penalties, employers are now more at risk than ever before.

Cash Collection & Banking

Our Security Officers attend your premises on the day/s nominated by you to collect the banking and then deposit it that same day for credit to your nominated accounts.

You can be sure of the integrity of your banking whilst in our custody because all collected cash is immediately secured inside custom safes that are built-in to our specially modified unmarked vehicles.  These are late-model to ensure reliability, fitted with CIT specific security devices & GPS tracking but look like any other car. Of course, all money in our custody is fully insured.

Our receipt system is quick, simple and easy, meeting all requirements specified for Audit purposes. The highly trained Cash in Transit professionals ensures that the cash collection and cash banking procedures are followed to the highest standards to ensure the security of our client’s cash. The company assists the number of clients with their Cash in Transit services in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and all major Australian cities.

The discrete Cash in Transit services provided by APS include:

  • Security Assessment with the client to finalize the best security arrangement;
  • Cash Pickup at the client’s premises by highly trained Cash in Transit (CIT) specialists;
  • Secure Cash transportation to the bank in a plain vehicle; and
  • Cash banking to deposit money in the client’s account and collect the proof of transfer docket.

Cash Collection & Cash Counting

APS can assist in cash collection, counting and processing & then bank on behalf of the Client, to any part of this that is suitable for the Clients needs.

To ensure accuracy, we utilise commercial counting machines & all figures are cross-checked at specific stages of the process.

The data is entered in both electronic & hardcopy form at the time the cash is counted.  If the cash comes from machines & needs to remain separated into individual amounts when counted, these individual figures are recorded & provided as separate amounts on the reconciliation sheet, along with the total.

The cash is prepared for banking according to the business practice of the banks & is then either deposited directly into the Clients nominated account or into an APS trust account & electronically transferred overnight.

The reconciliation is provided on the day of deposit via e-mail to the Clients nominated person/s.

Movement of Valuables

APS can conduct the discrete movement of valuables including gemstones, precious metals, bonds, currency, valuable artworks and sensitive/valuable documents.

This service can be used for transport internationally, interstate within Australia, intrastate or from one location to another within the same city.

When used outside of Australia, APS can arrange the whole process or simply provide an armed escort team.

For a number of reasons, some businesses require a uniformed service & of course, we can accommodate this.  After discussing your business & it’s requirements we will conduct a risk assessment to ascertain the best approach & if need be, APS can provide armed uniformed officers, armed plain-clothed officers or a combination of both.

To learn more about how we can help you, please Contact Us for an obligation-free consultation.