What is Electronic Security?

Electronic Security refers to the use of technology such as CCTV cameras and electronic alarm systems to perform security checks on premises. At APS, we are at the forefront of the security industry, providing tailored electronic security solutions for organisations of all types and sizes.Our services include installation, maintenance, and commissioning of electronic security systems, regardless of their complexity.

Our technology solutions includes:

  • CCTV Cameras (Supply, Install, Repairs & Maintenance)
  • Alarm Systems (Supply, Install, Repairs & Maintenance)
  • Access Control Systems (Supply, Install, Repairs & Maintenance)
  • Back to Base Alarm Monitoring
  • Back to Base Video Monitoring
  • CCTV Virtual Patrols
  • Solar powered Construction Site Security Cameras
  • Time Lapse Building Construction Site Cameras

Why are Electronic Security Systems essential for your business?

Professional electronic security systems have protected numerous organisations and saved billions of dollars since their invention and implementation. Here are some reasons why investing in professional electronic security systems and solutions is crucial:

  • Protection of asset

    Electronic Security is one of the least expensive preventive measures for a business to protects its physical assets and expensive commercial equipments. Electronic security not only shields a business from external theft but also minimises internal threats.

  • Instant security updates

    Modern electronic systems can be accessed using smart technologies such as phones and laptops. These advanced security systems allows you to stay updated in real time from your business site ensuring that you will be aware of a security breach in seconds.

  • Secured premises when unattended

    Electronic systems are embedded with advanced technology, allowing you to leave the premises with peace. Easy accessibility to your premises with CCTV cameras helps in asset protection of a business.

  • Simpler conflict resolution

    Security systems such as CCTV security cameras, security officers, security alarms and access control systems come in handy to produce evidence when a problem arises such as internal or external break-ins and thefts.

  • Value for money

    Investing in electronic security offers higher value for investment by protecting your business and offers peace of mind.

  • Monitoring high risk areas

    Installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in high risk areas secures vulnerable areas from break-ins and theft.

Our electronic Security Solutions

At APS, we understand that each organisation has unique security requirements, which is why we provide tailored electronic security solutions to cater to individual needs. Our expertise in offering tailored solutions has made us a leading provider of electronic security systems across Australia.

APS offers services across Australia and we are fully equipped to provide our clients with advanced electronic security solutions, ensuring greater levels of service and peace of mind. Our team offers on-site inspections to assess your specific needs and create a comprehensive plan, which can range from CCTV and alarms installation to monitoring entire premises.

By investing in our technology solutions, you can be assured that your business will receive the best protection possible.

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