Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security

Construction site theft is one of the major issues in the industry. With easy access to expensive machineries and valuables, thieves’ prime targets are construction sites. It has become more than vital to invest in construction site security.
Invest in construction site security today for a safer tomorrow!

With over 21 years of industry experience, APS specialises in offering various types of security for construction sites. Our security measures ensures that your construction site is not vulnerable to:

  • Unauthorised entry
  • Valuable material theft
  • Criminal Damages

These thefts often cause delays in completion of project and increases over-head expenses of a business, especially if they are stolen or damaged.

We offer range of services round the clock, to cater to your security needs:

  • Mobile Patrols and onsite security guards

    We offer regular patrols to CCTV monitoring. Our security offices can be stationed at your construction site to provide round the clock patrolling and property checks which are followed by detailed reports to ensure that the security of your construction site is not breached.

  • Security Cameras

    We provide installation and monitoring services for advance CCTV cameras that can make a thief think twice before entering. Our security supervisors monitor the cameras during the shift to keep an eye on any trespassers and protect your construction site.

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Importance of Construction Site Security

Construction and building sites are the areas with tools, equipment and materials that costs millions and are the places with the least security. Unfortunately, people take advantage of these areas and cause damages that makes a business lose time and money.

Posting security guards on site when combined with our latest monitoring systems offers higher peace of mind and reduces vandalism and thefts.

Construction sites are most exposed to:

  • Thieves
  • Fires
  • Vandals
  • Accidents
  • Safety Hazards

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    Construction Site Security Monitoring Services

    We offer a comprehensive range of electronic security services. Our range of services includes: CCTV Cameras, 24 hour Monitoring, security Alarms and My-Log (Not sure if you offer this).

    CCTV Camera: Along with installation of Hi-tech CCTV cameras, our security officers monitor the site 24 hours. Our cameras have been proven in deterring crimes and are up to date with the latest technologies. Not only are our system user friendly but are also customisable to fit any construction or building site.

    24 Hour Monitoring: We offer 24 hour back to base monitoring along with regular activity report for your construction site. Your site security is our priority which is why our reports are in-depth and contains information related to any alarm activation, opening and closing of your premise along with user access activities.

    My-Log: One of our popular services is My-Log which gives you the flexibility to monitor your construction and building site from your convenient location. Your site’s security can now be monitored by you and your trusted!

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    APS’s Construction site security Duties:

    • Manned on site guards
    • Foot patrols
    • Mobile patrols
    • Conflict resolution
    • Deterrence of theft and vandalism
    • Install alarm systems
    • Delivery handling
    • Gate house security
    • Safety tracking
    • Signing in and out of authorised personnel
    • First AID
    • Promote health and safety
    • Logging contractors attendance and time
    • Logging of daily occurrences
    • Back to Base alarms
    • Camera installation and CCTV monitoring

    Protect your Construction Site Today!

    Do you want to keep your construction site safe and secure? Call APS today to discover what we can offer you and your business. No matter the size of your project, we can successfully provide your construction site security.

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