About Us

Welcome to APS

We must be doing something right. We must be making the right decisions. Making great customer service the cornerstone of our business. Giving our clients continual reasons to trust us – and to refer us to their colleagues – time and time again.

Our Story

Over 21 years ago – in South Australia – we saw a need for a discreet armed service to transport cash for small businesses. A service that had no recognisable uniformed presence, and went under the radar to deposit and collect bank cash for our clients. And so APS came into being.

Roll on to today.

We’re Australia-wide. Not only do we still provide cash in transit services, but our security services have grown in leaps and bounds. In fact, we’ve become the one-stop security solution for our clients.

Talking of clients, they’ve grown as we’ve grown. We have security contracts with local councils, state government departments and even schools. And of course, we have private businesses. What’s more, some of these businesses have been with us for as many as fifteen years – or over.

We can supply a plain clothes presence or a uniformed security presence, according to our clients’ needs. And in every situation, we assess and manage risk, to ensure our clients and their assets are safe and secure.

With an impeccable security record, unbeatable customer service, risk management to cover all bases, and a range of services that expands as the need arises, it’s no wonder APS is trusted and chosen by our ever-expanding client base.

Our Team 

Our hand-picked team of long-term employees is made up of highly experienced and skilled security professionals. Regular, ongoing training and development ensure their skills and knowledge are always up to date and based on current industry best practices.

Our Values 

We at APS understand that our success hinges on to you being successful, therefore, we don’t aim to be the biggest security company but at all cost, be the best.

We also don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach – every organisation is unique so we’ll find a security solution that’s as individual as you are.

Contact Us today to learn more about our services and discuss how we can help you with your security needs.