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APS hold expertise in installation and monitoring using Back to Base alarm systems. With our back to base alarm system, your premises will be protected when unattended. Our security systems allow live check-ins and monitoring on your personal devices to rest assured that your site is secured.
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What is a Back to Base Alarm?

A back to base alarm system is the new buzz word in the industry which basically means a better and advanced comprehensive solution for the protection of your commercial or construction site.

Back to Base Alarm monitoring service allows the security professionals to monitor your security systems. In common terms, a back to base alarm monitor can be considered as an alarm system that co-ordinates with a monitoring centre.

APS has highly trained security staff that they are based at our monitoring control centres ensuring that your property will be monitored 24*7. Due to the presence of 24-hour national control centre, we are able to act and notify you or the authorised personal without any delay, should the need arise.

Our back to base alarm monitoring services are extended to all commercial property owners along with industrial and construction sites.

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What are the benefits of Back to Base Alarm Monitoring?

Back to Base Alarm Monitoring offer an extra layer to your security protocols. Some of the major benefits of our business alarm monitoring are:

  • 24*7 Monitoring
  • Higher peace of mind
  • Notification to the authorised person, in case of emergency
  • Immediate response from authorised security officers
  • Zone intrusion identification
  • Additional installation of CCTV camera can help in preventing crime or determining a false alarm.

What can be monitored using back to base alarm monitoring?

Apart from 24*7 monitoring, installation of business/commercial security alarm systems can be beneficial to:

  • Scare off criminals

    Thieves are less likely to intrude in a place that has an alarm system installed as they know that an advanced system like back to base alarm will alert the monitoring centre even before they can trespass.

  • Detect Fire

    Alarm systems not only helps in preventing thefts but can also determine if there is a fire on the premises which is then reported to the monitoring centre and they can inform the fire safety department.

  • Low Insurance Premiums

    Addition of a back to base alarm system is an added security measure for your site. Since addition of such alarm systems takes the burdens off your insurance company, your premium will also be reduced.

  • Sense of Security

    Installation of back to base alarm system can offer a sense of security as you know that your premises will be under constant surveillance of an authorised officer.

APS is one of the oldest security companies in Australia. Our highly skilled operators have undergone high levels of training, police checks and hold security licence for relevant states.

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