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Start your journey to a more secure organisation in Adelaide with APS. The significance of security for any thriving business cannot be overstated. It’s not about protecting assets, data and staff but rather an investment in ongoing peace of mind and operational stability. Here at APS, we recognise that security serves a dual purpose: risk mitigation and value addition to your business activities. With a focus on integrated protective strategies, we offer more than just risk prevention: we ensure your business’s success in the challenging Adelaide environment.

Our Range of Security Services

APS offers solutions that are as individual as your organisation. We provide a suite of security services that can be custom-tailored to fit your specific circumstances. Whether operating in a high-stakes corporate world or organising a laid-back event, you’ll find our approach adaptable and thorough.

We can help you with:

Cash Transit 

Move your valuable items safely with our Cash in Transit service. Whether it’s just once or a regular occurrence, our well-trained teams follow strict rules to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Security Staff 

Our Security Personnel don’t just stand there and look menacing; they give you peace of mind. They’re trained and certified to handle different situations, keeping your place and people safe.

Cyber Security

In today’s world, you must also watch out for online threats. Our Cyber Security service protects against hacking and data leaks. We use the newest tech to keep your data safe.


Get ready for the future with our high-tech security services. We use the latest CCTV and real-time monitoring to provide a complete, up-to-date security solution.

Why work with APS for Adelaide security services?

First and foremost, we have local expertise. Unlike other firms, we know Adelaide like the back of our hand. Our teams are based here, ready and prepared to address any challenges unique to Adelaide’s evolving security landscape.

We’re on the cutting edge, deploying the latest technologies to ensure real-time monitoring and swift response in case of security breaches. That means you’re getting a guard at the door and an entire tech-savvy system working to keep you secure.

And let’s not forget our people—arguably our best asset. Our security personnel aren’t just highly trained and dedicated professionals who take immense pride in their work. They pay attention to the little things and are reliable in various security situations. So when you’re with APS, you’re in good hands.

Discover the best security guard services in Adelaide at APS

As one of Adelaide’s leading security firms, we take great pride in offering our clients high-quality service. With a wealth of experience in the security sector, APS has a reputation for delivering outstanding security solutions for businesses and individuals. Our team of expertly trained security guards is equipped to cater to clients’ distinct needs across diverse sectors. We specialise in offering premier security guard services in Adelaide’s commercial, industrial, and construction realms. 

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In addition to our security guard services in Adelaide, we can assist you in Melbourne, Sydney,  Brisbane, Queensland, and Perth.

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